Johnny Gearhead and the Wasted Killowats

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[Johnny Gearhead and the Wasted Killowats]

Johnny Gearhead and the Wasted Kilowatts - Stu (aka Tommy Gearhead) and some of his buddies (Frank and Boris Gearhead) formed a band that featured a robot "Johnny" as the leader. The Daily Cardinal reviewed one of the Gearhead Concerts and commented that: The Gearheads performed "Versus Technology" which was accompanied by a film of three ordinary looking guys fuddling around and diddling around. Suddenly the three are transformed until their alteregos "The Gearheads.". The event was truly one of the best efforts put forth by the Electronic Music Center". Frank is now a famous rock dude in the band Garbage. Boris is a famous sound engineer for ABC Television in NYC.

* In order to listen to Gear For the Future you will need the RealAudio Player or Plug-in.

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Updated: January 1, 2000